September 27, 2019
In-School EcoArts Program

In-School EcoArts Program Starts

Our new EcoArts Program integrates the science of ecology with art media, deepening students’ sense of place and imagination for a healthy, vibrant world.

Artistic expression is critical to childhood development, socialization, creative thinking skills, and cultural engagement. This program features wildlife recordings, visual imagery, museum specimens, and art history to increase environmental literacy and curiosity. Students will come home artistically engaged with natural systems, human health, and their own quality of life.

We are excited to develop exploratory, solution-oriented, and collaborative artwork with students. Our program is committed to sourcing class materials responsibly with upcycled and earth-friendly items.

You may follow along our year’s eco art journey on our program partner's page. A special thank you to Parachute Studio and the Del Sur Education Foundation for making this program possible.