September 18, 2017
Let’s Talk About The Weather podcast

Podcast with Rae Irelan: Funk Grass Musician and Festival Producer goes Green

Rae Irelan

Rae Irelan graduated from The Boston Conservatory with BFA in contemporary dance performance and has since worn many hats from event producer, dancer, teacher and yogini, to alternative healer.

Her San Diego award winning band The Moves Collective is a driving force in the US music scene, supporting ideologies, companies and nonprofits that propel sustainability, inspire audiences to positively impact their local communities, and build positive change globally.

She blends international cultural influences, sacred instruments, healing modalities, improvised contemporary movement and dance, and original songs into unique performance experiences. Rae aims to inspire people to live at their highest potential, dream big, and achieve a sustainable and connected world. In fact, this year’s theme for her annual event Goddess Fest is Gaia, AKA Mother Earth. A self-identified eco musician committed to raising awareness of holistic healing, sustainable practices, and social justice, we couldn’t be more excited to have her with us today!