February 9, 2019
Let’s Talk About The Weather podcast

Podcast with Aaron Ellison & David Buckley Borden: Ellison and Borden Amplify Ecological Culture with Design and Landscape Architecture

Aaron M. Ellison is the Senior Research Fellow in Ecology in Harvard’s Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology, Senior Ecologist & Deputy Director at the Harvard Forest, and a semi-professional photographer and writer. He studies the disintegration and reassembly of ecosystems following natural and anthropogenic disturbances; thinks about the relationship between the Dao and the Intermediate Disturbance Hypothesis; reflects on the critical and reactionary stance of Ecology relative to Modernism, blogs as The Unbalanced Ecologist, and tweets as @AMaxEll17. He is the author of A Primer of Ecological Statistics (2004/2012), A Field Guide to the Ants of New England (2012; recipient of the 2013 USA Book News International Book Award in General Science, and the 2013 award for Specialty Title in Science and Nature from The New England Society in New York City), Stepping in the Same River Twice: Replication in Biological Research (2017), Carnivorous Plants: Physiology, Ecology, and Evolution (2018), and Vanishing Point (2017), a collection of photographs and poetry from the Pacific Northwest. On Wednesdays, he works wood.

David Buckley Borden is a Cambridge, Massachusetts-based interdisciplinary artist and designer. Using an accessible combination of art and design, David promotes a shared environmental awareness and heightened cultural value of ecology. David's projects highlight both pressing environmental issues and everyday phenomena. Driven by research and community outreach, his work manifests in a variety of forms, ranging from site-specific landscape installations in the woods to data-driven cartography in the gallery.

David's place-based projects have recently earned him residencies at the Santa Fe Art Institute, Teton Artlab, Trifecta Hibernaculum, and Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art. David was a 2016/2017 Charles Bullard Fellow in Forest Research at Harvard University and continues to work with researchers as a Harvard Forest Associate Fellow to answer the question, “How can art and design foster cultural cohesion around environmental issues and help inform ecology-minded decision making?” David studied landscape architecture at Harvard University's Graduate School of Design and worked at Sasaki Associates and Ground before focusing his independent practice at the intersection of landscape, creativity, and cultural event.

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