October 21, 2018
Let’s Talk About The Weather podcast

Podcast with Jill Kubit: DearTomorrow Personalizes Climate Change

Sent on April 25, 2018 by Anonymous.

“to the future generation,

Hello to whoever reads this letter in the future. Today is a beautiful sunny day without a single cloud in sight. The sun is warm with a slight breeze tingling down my face as I walk on the sidewalks. Over the next ten, twenty or even thirty years, these clear, sunny skies may not even exist. At the current rate of pollution and climate change that we are currently experiencing, cities may begin to fill up with smog and pollution. I fear the day that we may not ever see a sunny day in the future…”

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Jill Kubit is the director and co-founder of DearTomorrow - a digital and archive project for people to personally connect with the issue of climate change, to commit to taking stronger action and to share these stories with friends, family and their social networks.

After spending a decade working with the U.S. labor movement on climate change, she has become fascinated with how to best engage the general public on this complex issue. Jill is deeply committed to building new ideas, projects and organizations to explore this question and brings many organizational development skills to her work, including: fundraising, building partnerships, developing strategy, teaching, writing, organizing events, and managing projects. She has a Masters in Public Administration from the Harvard Kennedy School and a B.A. from Northwestern.

Her TED Talk discusses the founding of DearTomorrow - a project she started with Trisha Shrumwhen her son Gabriel was 18 months old - which she has been working to build ever since.