January 23, 2018
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Podcast with Kyle Calian: Regenerating the Planet through Print

‍Kyle Calian

Kyle Calian is the founder the Regeneration Magazine, a biannual print and digital publication, that seeks to address the lack of informative and inspiring content on the environment by highlighting the people who have chosen to make addressing these problems their life’s work.

By showcasing the personal stories of these creatives, artists, writers, and entrepreneurs, the hope is that by changing the conversation on climate change, their social enterprises will not only give the movement a voice, but also inspire its readers to join as well.

Kyle is also a graphic designer, photographer, and social innovator focused finding solutions using human-centered design, cradle to cradle, regenerative design and zero waste principles. From permaculture to graphic design, Kyle is passionate about all things environment and social innovation, hunting down solutions that make better communities and regenerate our soil. He also has two earth tattoos and a recycling tattoo and hopes to one day go skiing with Leonardo DiCaprio.