July 14, 2017
Let’s Talk About The Weather podcast

Podcast with Diane Burko: Polar Expeditions in Photo and Paint

‍Diane Burko

Diane Burko’s visual documentation through paint and photographs provide an outlet for her to respond and share her personal observations of climate change. Working along the intersection of art and science, she showcases expeditions to Antarctica and the Arctic Circle with thousands of photographs from the air, sea and ground. Sharing the Earth’s astounding beauty, she also reveals the consequences of record breaking rapid ice melt at either end of our globe. After years of study and international collaboration with glacial geologists, her new book Diane Burko: Glacial Shifts, Changing Perspectives is finally complete. “It was no longer just about painting beautiful landscapes, but it was about figuring out a way to talk through my language of paint about this most urgent issue for our time, and for the future.” -- Diane Burko interview with Benjamin Orlove, Columbia University

Book: Glacial Shifts, Changing Perspectives