Chesiree Katter

Podcast Co-host

Chesiree was born and raised in Hawai'i. Growing up on an island meant that sustainability, beauty and art were always woven together. Caring for the oceans and nurturing the land you grow up on with aloha was taught through song, dance and story telling. These values, beliefs and ideas -- along with her experiences living in Humboldt, California and later Japan -- inspire her to be a voice for tradition and the earth. She loves to celebrate our planet through her writing, painting, and sharing stories.

Chesiree spreads her vision through her platform as a journalist, and is currently pursuing a Journalism degree at San Diego State University. She has written for the San Diego State Daily Aztec's Art & Culture section, featuring students' creative powers, while also using the paper as a voice for Asian representation in the media, sustainability practices, campus events, and more. For a journal of her travels, experiences and thoughts, her personal blog is:

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