Marina Qutab

Director of Education

Marina Qutab is a Zero-Waste Vegan Lifestyle Blogger, a Visual Storyteller, a Musician, and the Founder of the global music project Ecostrings.

Her passion for music developed in early childhood, as her multicultural family used the arts to communicate and bond in special ways that words simply could not. She founded Ecostrings in 2016 to spread awareness through music about societal issues including climate change, corruption in politics, and female empowerment and to mobilize listeners to take action. Qutab has performed at green festivals, community events and rallies around the United States, and focuses on performing at schools to educate and empower the next generation of change makers. To learn about Ecostrings or her Zero-Waste Lifestyle, visit her website, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter accounts @Ecostrings and @EcoGoddess.

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