Artists of Eco Culture

“Ecological Art or ‘Eco Art’ is a contemporary form of environmental art created by artists who are concerned about local and global environmental situations. “ -- Eluxe Magazine

Our Mission

EcoArts Foundation is committed to its mission: to inspire ecological regeneration via the arts.

Our Vision

EcoArts Foundation aims to inspire ecological regeneration via the arts. Artists are leading multilevel cultural change with rich cross-disciplinary media addressing widespread environmental challenge. By celebrating art that sets a high bar with socially-responsible content, we aim to provoke audiences -- policymakers, scientists, artists, and citizens -- to create vibrant, thriving ecosystems. We engage a diverse community from university students to international eco artists via creative events and educational content.

We envision a world culture that sustains the environment in balance with human activities.  May art lead the way!

Welcome to EcoArts Foundation.
"Words cannot express my gratitude and excitement for the recently launched EcoArts Foundation! As an eco musician and activist, this non-profit's mission to 'inspire the regeneration of Earth's ecosystems via the arts' could not resonate with me more!"

~ Marina Qutab, CEO Eco Goddess

The Team

Ashley Mazanec
Founding Director
Christopher Wolff
EcoArts Producer and Resident Hydrologist
R. Piper
Eco Artist and Designer
Rae Irelan
Eco Musician and Program Developer
Wei Fan
Director of Finance
John Biethan
Director of Media Development


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Let’s Talk About The Weather Environment Series
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